The Family Name

As a small boy, I asked my father why my middle name was Wyatt, and I was told that it was a family name. Unfortunately I didn't enquire further nor was any more information offered. My father died of cancer at the early age of 49, so later, when I became interested in researching my family history he wasn't available to answer the many questions I wanted to ask. The chart below shows where in fact the family name originated.

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On the 6th of March 1712/13 at Deddington in Oxfordshire, close to the Northamptonshire border, Mr Robert Hancock an Apothecary married Katherine Wyatt the daughter of John Wyatt, a Farrier of Chacombe. They had two sons and three daughters; Katherine, James, Mary, Thomas and Ann. Robert Hancock wasn't born in Deddington so presumably went there when he became the resident apothecary. In fact no record of him has been found anywhere as yet.
The children all had a good education being able to read and write. Robert died in 1737 owing money, and Katherine died the following year.
The house they lived in at Deddington belonged to John Wyatt and reverted back to John's estate on Katherine's death.

James is my 5 x great-grandfather and on the death of his mother moved to Chacombe with his siblings, where presumably their grandmother still lived.